About Me

My passion is to use multimedia to engage people in learning and exploring any subject that is interesting. 

My Work Has Impacted Millions of People

As a former CBS Senior Producer and Writer, along with my volunteer venture and commercial contract, my multimedia productions have impacted millions of people on a daily basis. Over the years I’ve produced thousands of items.  These  include weekly episodes, series, short videos, podcasts, interstitials, documentaries, newscasts, and one-minute features that have aired through social media, broadcast, cable, and radio.  I’ve also produced home videos for sale for CBS, and programs for hire that aired through the Discovery Network.

My goal with every project is to work with my team to create something interesting and easy to comprehend.

The topics I’ve covered range from current affairs to news, science, health, finance, history, crime, biographies, politics, reality programs and educational items.  My greatest interest has always been with science and history.

There are Many Successes

My work both in-studio and as a field producer has honed my skills in every aspect of multimedia production and management and given me the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and overseas for years.

While I’ve enjoyed many successes of which I’m proud, the one that stands out the most is coordinating the election night graphics for primaries and general elections in 2008 through 2014.  I mobilized an outstanding group of people.  When we first launched this project we were on the leading edge of providing real-time display of votes, maps, exit polls, immediate infographic visuals and images of candidates.  We programmed and tested the use of complex systems that worked successfully for our viewers on election nights.

Giving Back to the Community

For 15 years I’ve been a volunteer reader for Gateway Radio which caters to the blind and visually impaired citizens of New York State.  In 2014, I took over as the volunteer Executive Director to restructure the organization to save it from insolvency.   I worked with over 50 volunteer editors, producers and engineers.

Sample of My Science Productions

1.  Segment Producer/Field Producer/Writer

GeoEngineering segment from EcoTech, a series of hour-long programs on Science Channel

2.  Series Senior Producer/Field Producer/Writer

Love Science, segment on the weekly half-hour series Brink on Science Channel

3.  Producer/Video Editor/Motion Graphics

Online Video for Simon & Schuster to promote the book Why by Mario Livio

4.  One-man-band Series Producer/Writer/Video Editor

Eagles – episode of In the News, children’s news series on CBS

5.  Voiceover

Ada Lovelace – first episode of a social media series “Brilliance!” from Simon & Schuster

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